Reptile Razzmatazz  can offer you fun, interesting, educational group sessions teaching about where these reptiles come from, how they live, what they eat, how their bodies adapt within their environment and climate, how dangerous they are, and how they need to be looked after.

All of sessions can be adapted to suit any particular requirement, and can centre on a group or one particular type of animal.

We encourage the pupils to feel and hold the reptiles and try to create a fun and interesting environment that catches the pupils imagination and attention (obviously under strict supervision!). We have learned that a relaxed atmosphere allows pupils to benefit and learn whilst in the company of animals

The sessions can be adapted to suit any age group dependent on requirements, e.g. School clubs, brownies, cubs, scouts, etc.

Reptile Razzmatazz are fully covered by public liability insurance, details of which can be seen on request.

Read below of the positive feedback we receive from pupils and clients alike!

'I really enjoyed being able to have Zeus on my lap' - Katie, aged 10

'It was great fun for me, let alone what the pupils thought!' - Mr. Davis (Teacher), Age withheld on request!

'Thank you for showing the snakes, lizards, frogs & spiders' - Amelia B, Brownie

' I like Maisie, snakes are NOT slimey!' - Stephanie, Brownie

Below are just some examples of thank you notes that we have received!

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